It is what is…so the saying goes

I’m an Afrikan dude who found himself by swallowing the Red Pill about 5 years ago. I basically realised that there was a question in my mind driving me mad…And I sought the truth.

A truth which all men know, but can be basically summed up as: Men and Women are different.

IllimitableMen puts it poignantly:

“There is an immutable animosity between the sexes that serves as the conduit for all distrust. This animosity flows from the inability of the sexes to reconcile their fundamentally opposed sexual strategies. For a man’s optimal sexual strategy to thrive, the woman’s must suffer. For a woman’s optimal sexual strategy to thrive, the man’s must suffer. Each sex is determined not to suffer, and so both inflict suffering on the other in a perverse determination not to suffer themselves. This is the battle of the sexes….”

More importantly, in Maxim 9 to 11 of his 50 Shades of Red post the following rings true especially for modern  man:

9: “The average man is ignorant and misled. His mental construct of women is far greater than anything the typical woman aspires to. This is not his fault, his biology deceives him, society lies and so the deck of deception is stacked. Nevertheless, the reality remains.”

10: “You conflate her beauty with good character. These things are distinct, but mesmerised by beauty, you think they are identical.”

11: “You have been lied to about the nature of women all your life, disregard what you think you knew because it is probably wrong. Ignore the top-down preaching that society espouses. Reconstruct your understanding from the bottom-up.”

The relationship between the sexes is fundamental and affects our entire lives be it in economics, education, health, sex, life in general….which is why the elites sought to mess with it…Society being what it is now is no mistake….the red pill will help bring in true stability and fulfilment.

Love women for who and what they are, not what you fantasise, or hope they can be. Remember the medium is the message.

To paraphrase a line in ‘The Matrix’: We are better than this, we must not THINK we are, we must KNOW we are!


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