“It’s yours!”…”Nah! Nah!”

Today, my boy got back a paternity test, and, (((drum roll!!!!))) – He’s NOT the father!
She is basically the last chic he dated, who epitomised FI socialisation to the max, had his (or at least what he thought was his) kid around a year ago…after they broke up!

She was/is cut from the quintessential “Man up” cloth…
from my first interactions with her I always knew she was a conniving hoe.

This is my boy’s last relationship, ended in 2012, and now, thank fuck he is unplugged.

She would rail him, put him down, tell him to ‘man up’, but, she was also a freak…I mean a F-R-E-A-K (yes, the trap).
I mean she would even tell him how she should fuck the landlord to solve her money issues because he ‘wasn’t a man’! Other times she’d taunt him about fucking other guys (turns out it wasn’t taunting).

Their story/she just reeks of the whole pre to post epiphany phase consolidation in a new ‘Wild Oats Project” world.
One day towards the end of 2012, she flipped and my boy just said;

“It’s yours…” “Bitch Nah!”

That was the onset of his unplugging, it took some time…but about a month or two later he called it quits…and some months after the split she tells him she’s preggers! (No shit!)

So my boy tells her he’ll do what he can, but no getting back together. Luckily he’s bagged a few plates afterwards, and has grown steadily in his red pill enlightenment.
And he’s been doing what he can, in terms of support, over the last year.

My brothers & I would always tell him that we didn’t trust the bitch and that when he managed some free time with the kid, he should do a test. And just as the universe would have it, the woman’s dad died about 3 weeks ago, so he had to take care of “his” son for like 2 weeks as she sorted all the preparations, will etc….

So he rustled some money together and took the kid and himself for a paternity test…

Note: Funny thing is, the first 4 doctors he consulted told him it was illegal’ (????) if the mother hadn’t given consent and was absent.
Just goes to show how far the FI has gone to make sure we, as men, capitulate to become their safety nets, fucking traitors (the doctors that is).

Luckily I helped him find other accredited professionals…

So, there we have it….all the way across the world here in Kenya, the FI is also hard at work…luckily many of us are waking up here.

Just had to share that after reading sensei’s seminal post and some of the links in the comments…

Remember fellow men, we DO NOT owe women anything…Understand how the world is, adapt, demonstrate not explicate…like water!

Long live the manosphere!!!!



The Surrogate Boyfriend

“Women have Girlfriends and Boyfriends. If you’re not fucking her, you’re her Girlfriend.”

Believe it!

The Rational Male

From a soon-to-be-unplugged 30Darren from the SoSuave forum:

I made a big mistake and got involved with a coworker. We dated for a little about a year ago but it never went far. Never slept with her. We became close friends though. We would hang out, Go to movie, Get dinner go for drinks and just hang out. We always talked even late with text and everything. I liked her a lot and she seemed comfortable with me.

I guess i felt i always had a chance with her because when we hung out she always flirted with me and having sex with each other seemed to be the topic we most talked about. She even mentioned shooting a porno with me. I don’t know if it was just mind games or if she was serious. Right now i don’t know what i was thinking, i should of let…

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Appeals to Reason

“I’m on record for stating that every woman is a red pill woman, it’s just getting them to drop the feminine-primary, psychological pretense and cop to red pill truths that’s the trick.”

“As with any system…some rules can be bent, others can be broken…understand?”
Morpheus to Neo

The Rational Male


“A woman in love can’t be reasonable, otherwise she wouldn’t be in love”
— Mae West

Last week The Chateau posted an article about a Beta male asking girls for reasons why they rejected him. In the typical deductive logic that most Betas are prone to use, he runs down a checklist of questions regarding what he thinks killed his chances with the girls he thought he could get with. He petitions four women with questions about themselves, which, being women, all are more than eager to answer.

Do you usually figure out if you wanna do more than make out with someone pretty instantly? Or, is it a slow burn?

Was there anything I did wrong that turned you off?

If you had advice for any guy looking to meet a girl, what would it be?

What makes someone attractive to you? Do you have any types?


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Hats Off to the Bull


The Rational Male


CH maxim: The feminist goal is removing all constraints on female sexuality while maximally restricting male sexuality

The following is a story from the Red Pill subredd:

My all too true story goes like this: years ago in my divorce my wife basically stopped having sex with me. The lack of sex was in line with her seemingly having a problem with anything I did (be it how I dressed, how I told jokes, and more). …Note: sex was once every two months or so if that.

I tried to talk to her about how it seemed we just weren’t getting along that well. She said we were getting along just fine. The only problem was me. Per my wife I had UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS about married life after 15 years of being together and with kids running around. Her work demands also helped make sex a low priority for her…

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