The Second Set of Books

Dunno how I missed this…
“Every system is built on a set of rules….some of these rules can be bent; others can be broken…” – Morpheus to Neo

The Rational Male


One of the cornerstones of red pill truth is in men coming to terms with what amounts to (in most cases) half a lifetime of feminine conditioning. It’s interesting to consider that there was a time (pre-sexual revolution) when a man wasn’t in someway socialized and acculturated in his upbringing to give deference to the feminine or to become more feminine-identifying. There are plenty of other manosphere bloggers who’ll run down in detail all of the many ways boys are now raised and educated to be what a feminine-primary world would like them to be, but at the heart of it is a presumption that boys should be raised and conditioned to be more like girls; conditioned from their earliest memories to be better providers for what women believe they will eventually want them to be as adult ‘men’.

For men who’ve become aware of this conditioning through some trauma…

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Insanity Plea

“Hypergamy does NOT care!” Write that down!

The Rational Male

From member Backbreaker on the (fresh new server) SoSuave forum:

So.. we all have our hobbies and things. My wife has this twisted fascination about death row. Like anything that is on TV or a movie or documentary about death row she has to watch it. So she found a documentary about this dude on death row in Texas.. actually a quite young guy, he can’t be 25 years old. it’s not a bad documentary

This is where I trip out. okay the dude, on death row. has killed 3 freaking people. Over a late 90’s Chevy Camaro. the dude is not very smart. He is not very good-looking. The guy, I mean shit he’s on death row need I say more?

So they interview his attorney who is doing the work for him. She lived in Nebraska and was doing the work pro bono for him to get him an appeal…

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